Speakart and mOTO MOTO


Founded in 2016, SpeakArt has promoted funded artist residency programs and fellowships. With our free resources, we help art professionals to have a quick and easy access to paid opportunities worldwide. For the last four years we became a hub of 4000 international artists and residency operators.


In 2019, SpeakArt created its own paid opportunity by launching an online residency program SpeakAIR. Artists were given financial support to conduct their creative research online. 

Our mission is to empower artists by providing free tools and being a stepstone for career advancement. As a member of the diverse cultural community, we value inclusivity and accessibility. We have ensured our resources are available to underrepresented individuals in the cultural sector.  

Website: http://speakart.info/




motomoto is a micro artist residency in Arao city located along the northern area of Kumamoto Prefecture.  motomoto, named after Kumamoto, and the director, Hanako Miyamoto, has come alive in the spring of 2020.


The director chose the name to represent both her place of and name of birth.  She chose the name also because there is a saying in Japanese "dame de motomoto" or "giving it a try because there is nothing to lose." "Though most people might take these words in a negative meaning, I like to think there is a positive side as well," Miyamoto says.


At motomoto, we aim to create a space where the artist is free to take their own time.

Website: https://www.motomoto-air.com/