Update 29/11/2021

The digital archive of our online event "E-Meet vol.2" is now available to download here.


Update 02/11/2021

The exhibition "I'm not here anymore." by Mutsumi Tomosada is running from 27th October to 28th November at motomoto in Araom Kumamoto. Reservations are required.


For more details, visit their website.


Update 24/09/2021

A virtual exhibition of Myroslava Kuts will be accessible on the 29th September.

To access, download Cluster on your device.

If you've already downloaded the app, simply click the following link to enter the exhibition.

To maximize your experience, please download the avatars from the links below.




Update 21/09/2021

E-Meet Vol.1
Mutsumi Tomosada x Myroslava Kuts  


Date/Time:4th September, 2021, 17:00 pm (JST) / 10:00 am (CEST)

Moderator/Translator:Valeria Reyes

Speakers: Mutsumi Tomosada (JP)

                  Myroslava Kuts (FR/UKR)

Language: English with the Japanese subtitle


Since the launch of our open call “Xeno in the Age of New Media',' six months have already passed. Despite these challenging times, our residents Mutsumi Tomosada and Myroslava Kuts have dedicated their time to their research and creation respectively at motomoto and SpeakAIR until now. Ahead of their exhibitions this fall, the two artists are invited to e-meet for the first time and exchange their experience and research progress. 

Due to the increasing cases of Covid-19 in Japan, this event will be recorded at motomoto without an audience.

Myroslava Kuts
Tomosada Mutsumi